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Why Photography?

I have always loved photography as an art and felt that it was more alive than other types of art. It's our only way to attempt to slow down time and remember.

As a therapist, photography has been my therapy. It has helped me balance hearing the intimate details of people's suffering with being caught up in moments of joy and witnessing happiness.

The true incalcuable value of my own personal photographs became evident earlier this year. In November 2014, I had an inkling that I should photograph my sweet grandparents when I went to visit them in Arizona for Thanksgiving. I mean really photograph them. I spoke with my mom about a month in advance and had her prep them for their session with me. I showed up that morning, and there they were, dressed in their very best. I had a glorious time with them. They laughed, they smiled, they humored me with even a kiss at the end. And, I was so excited to have photos of them.

In Ferbruary 2015, not three months later, my grandfather passed away from complications of a stroke. Never had a few photographs meant so much to me. I was so grateful that I have those photos because they captured what my heart remembers.

That is why I photograph. These few moments, digitally caught, become treasured heirlooms, remembrance objects, and priceless reflections of our past and those who were most important.

2015 Augenblick Photography